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About Us

Xenia Roastery Happened Naturally, Kind of 

Hello, I’m Justin McLaughlin — Founder and Head Roaster of Xenia Roastery.  I love to roast coffee that tastes delicious and makes people feel good!

Why start Xenia? Xenia was born from two things: curiosity and passion. I was curious to know what makes good coffee. I wanted to know what makes coffee at some places taste better than coffee at other places. I got educated in the basics of coffee and roast profiling, then I fell in love with roasting and specialty coffee beans. My passion for entrepreneurship led me to start Xenia Roastery. 

I want to share my love for coffee, my craft of roast profiling, and my passion for entrepreneurship with the world; Xenia is my vehicle to share. 

Go Yourself & Find The Bean - Direct Trade

Roasting is half of it. The other is the bean. In 2019, I met a certified Q-Grader (a coffee expert) obsessed with travel and just as crazy about finding beans as I was about roasting them. 

Xenia Roastery’s specialty coffees come from high-altitude micro plot farms, with vibrant flavors, complex aromas, and soul. Cash goes to the farmer. It's trade done right.

Here's a summary:

  • Direct Trade 
  • Single Origin, Specialty coffee
  • From Micro Plots, Organically Farmed 

Welcome to Xenia Roastery. It is and will always be my sincere pleasure to roast for you.

- Justin McLaughlin, Founder & Head Roaster

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