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About Us

Xenia Roastery Happened Naturally, Kind of 

Hello, I’m Justin McLaughlin — Founder and Head Roaster of Xenia Roastery.  I love to roast coffee that tastes delicious and makes people feel good!

Why start Xenia? Xenia was born from two things: curiosity and passion. I was curious to know what makes good coffee. I wanted to know what makes coffee at some places taste better than coffee at other places. I got educated in the basics of coffee and roast profiling, then I fell in love with roasting and specialty coffee beans. My passion for entrepreneurship led me to start Xenia Roastery. 

I want to share my love for coffee, my craft of roast profiling, and my passion for entrepreneurship with the world; Xenia is my vehicle to share. 

Go Yourself & Find The Bean - Direct Trade

Roasting is half of it. The other is the bean. In 2019, I met a certified Q-Grader (a coffee expert) obsessed with travel and just as crazy about finding beans as I was about roasting them. 

Xenia Roastery’s specialty coffees come from high-altitude micro plot farms, with vibrant flavors, complex aromas, and soul. Cash goes to the farmer. It's trade done right.

Here's a summary:

  • Direct Trade 
  • Single Origin, Specialty coffee
  • From Micro Plots, Organically Farmed 

I’m roasting with one-of-a-kind specialty coffee certified by a Q-Grader. I roast until I get it right. Then I ship it fresh out of the roaster. 

Xenia Roastery Helps Young Entrepreneurs

Ok, so getting this roastery going was hard. I said it was natural, and that’s true. But nearly everything else besides roasting was a challenge. 

That’s why Xenia Roastery partners locally with Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund to help good people with awesome ideas build successful businesses.

By the way…

You’re here, and you could be looking for coffee. Order yourself the king of coffees and my finest roast, the Kenya AA.

Welcome to Xenia Roastery. It is and will always be my sincere pleasure to roast for you.

- Justin McLaughlin, Founder & Head Roaster

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