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Wholesale Coffee, Local Quality

Your Local Source for World Coffees

Xenia Roastery is a family-owned and operated, commercial coffee roasting company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our small-batch coffees roast slow, ship fresh, and arrive fast.

  • Single Origin Coffee
  • Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO
  • Whole Bean & Blends

Coffee drinkers know quality, and so do your customers.

Take a look at our services below and see what works for your business.

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Should my business choose wholesale or white label? Here’s what to know:

Wholesale Coffee Program

Xenia Roastery roasts single origin beans, usually in small to medium batches. If you need large-scale delivery of roasted coffee beans, choose wholesale. Here are the perks:

  • Single Origin or Custom Blend
  • Off-site Warehousing and Storage
  • Delivery and Pick-Up
  • No Minimum Order Size

Not sure what bean to choose? Schedule a consultation with one of our coffee experts and find what works for you.

White Label Coffee Program

Cafe and restaurant owners need for ethically-sourced and organic coffee. Xenia Roastery wants to give you more: choice.

Create Your Own Coffee

Xenia Roastery’s white label service includes a kick-off meeting or consultation. We’ll talk about your cafe or restaurant, including ambience, values, customers, and food options.

Then we’ll come up with the perfect blend for you. It’s delicious and 100% belongs to your business.

You Bring a Label, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Xenia Roastery creates customized coffee experiences and that includes packaging and shipping:

    • Packaging (with optional de-gasser)
    • Whole Bean and Ground
    • Single Origin and Custom Blends

Let’s make that first cup of coffee something your customer will never forget. It’s easier than you think.

Need a Label? We’ll Design One for You

Xenia Roastery contracts with graphic designers and branding experts who know coffee and the industry. Get a custom label and start selling coffee.

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How We’re Different

When we say local, we mean it. Two years ago, founder Justin McLaughlin took out an $80,000 loan to buy his first commercial coffee roaster.

Since then, an interconnected world has helped our local business speak to small farmers in Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Indonesia, Kenya and more. We found honest importers that believe in valuing the farm land, and paying farmers fair honest wages. 

The coffee connections give people in Fort Worth, and around the US the chance to enjoy the finest direct trade coffees on the planet. We really are mission driven. No joke. And the coffee—it’s damn good.





Customer Support

Have a question? Call our support team for help. No matter the issue, we’ll be in touch. If we need to travel, we’ll be there within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, send an email to founder@xeniaroastery.com or call (817) 823-9243.

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